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Accelerated weathering is conducted in a QUV accelerated weathering chamber that employs a blend of UV radiation, temperature, and moisture to simulate the effects of sunlight and condensation as experienced during natural weathering.  Test materials are subject to pre-programmed alternating cycles of light and moisture at elevated temperatures.  Fluorescent lamps (UVA-340 or UVB-313) are employed to provide UV radiation.  Although UV radiation only comprises about 5% of normal sunlight, it is responsible for most of the photochemical damage caused by sunlight.  It should be noted that while a quantitative correlation cannot be established between accelerated weathering and real-world exposure, accelerated weathering provides a good indication of the damage that is likely to occur upon prolonged exposure outdoors.

The test fence is equipped to accommodate metal as well as wood panels for exposure to natural weathering at three different orientations, i.e., South 45, South 90, and North 90.  At periodic intervals, the panels are evaluated for changes in appearance, gloss, and color.

Weathering using QUV

Weathering on a test fence using metal panels
Metal panels


Weathering on a test fence using wood panels
wood panels


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