Thames-Rawlins Research Group Equipment & Instrumentation List


The University of Southern Mississippi School of Polymers and High Performance Materials is housed in a 100,000 square foot research facility with comprehensive polymer synthesis, analysis, characterization and processing capabilities.  Available equipment and facilities include:


  • Mocon Ox-Tran Model 2/21 Oxygen Permeability
  • Mocon Aromotron Solvent Vapor Transport Unit
  • Mocon Permatran-W 3/31 Water Vapor Permeability
  • Mocon Permatran-W 3/33 Water Vapor Permeability


  • Varian 500 MS System
    • LC/MS/MS and MSn capability
    • Electrospray ionization detector (ESI)
    • Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization detector (APCI)
    • Prostar 420 Autosampler
  • Polymer Laboratories PL-GPC50 Plus High Resolution, Integrated GPC System
    • PL-AS RT autosampler      
    • RI Detector
    • PL-BV 400RT viscometer
    • PL-LS 45o/90o dual angle laser light scattering detector
    • Variable wavelength UV detector
  • Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 1000 evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD)
    • Waters 2414 refractive index detector
    • Waters 1525 binary HPLC pump
    • Waters 515 HPLC pump
    • Waters Millennium32 software
  • Waters 510 pump, 440 UV, R401RI analytical HPLC system
  • Waters 2690 HPLC/GPC analysis system
  • Spectra/Chrome preparative LC
  • Dual GPC size exclusion systems
    • Aqueous Ultrahydrogel columns
    • THF 3 PL-gel columns
    • Polymer Labs Caliber 5.1 software
  • Hewlett Packard capillary HPLC
    • 1050 pump, 1047A RI, 3396 integrator, cyano capillary column
  • Spectra Physics System reverse phase HPLC
  • Hewlett Packard 6890 GC
    • MSD 6890 Mass Selective Detector
    • 6890 auto sampler
    • Windows NT operating system with enhanced chemstation software
  • Thermo Finnigan Trace 2000 GC with auto sampler
      • Flame ionization detector and flame photometric detector
      • Fully automated data acquisition and analysis
      • Chromquest software
  • Pervaporation unit, liquid separations using films
  • Linde Gas Permeation device


  • American Autoclave – custom built autoclave 4’ x 2’
  • Heatcon debulking vacuum table 4’ x 4’
  • Century Design CD-1510 12” wide lab scale drum Winder
  • Trilion Optical Test Systems ARAMIS 3D HR, 3D image correlation system for strain mapping of composite failure events
  • Gnomix PVT High Pressure Dilatometer for analysis of composite properties associated with the coefficient of volume thermal expansion and shrinkage upon curing
  • Mitsubishi Suprema DX1200 Waterjet CAD cutting system
  • WAECO 12" (30.4 cm) HMUD Prepreg Machine, designed to impregnate unidirectional fibers with hot melt resins, through a combination of consolidation and compaction at elevated processing temperatures
  • Litz CV1000 (40”x22”23.6”) CNC Vertical Machining Center with all standard accessories
  • MasterCam® CNC CAD/CAM design software
  • ASC Econoclave® Model # EC-3X5-200P800F-3S3P6T (August 2011 install)
  • Precision Quincy programmable post cure oven, maximum operating temperature of 800oF, interior dimensions of 72” x 72” x 60”
  • Dantec Dynamics Q-800 shearography imaging system
  • Gerber DCS 1500 static cutting system (ordered July, 2011)
  • Extec Labcut 5000 precision saw (ordered July, 2011)


  • Salt fog chamber
  • Prohesion chamber
  • Gardner impact tester
  • Gardner minimum film forming temperature bar 90
  • Fusion systems EPIQ6000 ultraviolet curing apparatus
  • QUV accelerated weathering testers
  • Gardco statistical novogloss gloss meter
  • Thickness gauges
    • Dial
    • Minitest 4000
    • Fisher permascope
    • Digital micrometer
    • PosiTector 6000-FN3
    • PosiTector 100 ultra-sonic multi-surface film
  • DeFelsko PosiTest® digital pull-off adhesion tester
  • Draw down bars
  • Shar Incorporated high-speed mixer
  • Myers Engineering high-speed mixer
  • Kinetic Dispersion Corporation Kady Mill
  • SpeedMixer™ dual asymmetric centrifugal laboratory mixer
    • DAC 100 and DAC 800 models
  • VWR electric curing oven
  • Teledyne taber abrader
  • Paul Gardner dry time recorder
  • Sward rocker hardness tester
  • BYK-Gardner micro tri gloss meter
  • Gardner EZ viscosity cups
  • Gardco/Hoffman SAM tester
  • Norton ball mill
  • Microfluidics microfluidizer
  • Craftsman 6 hp 60-gallon compressor
  • Gardner conical mandrel bend tester
  • Gardner mandrel bend tester
  • Ford viscosity cups
  • Contact angle tester
  • Hegman gauge
  • Pencil scratch hardness tester
  • Crosshatch adhesion tester
  • Weight per gallon cups
  • Gardner glossgard system
  • PTC instrument durometer
  • Gardner bubble viscometer
  • Binks model 7 paint spray gun
  • Binks model 1SL HVLP spray guns
  • Forced air ventilation paint spray booth (10’x8’x8’)
  • Shar D-38 SPZ 30 gallon mixing system
  • BYK-Gardner color guide 45/0º hand held colorimeter with computer interface
  • BYK-Gardner handheld color spectrophotometer
  • Little Joe one-color proofing press
  • Anthony laboratory three-roll mill
  • BYK Gardner byko spectra 5 light booth
  • BYK Gardner Haze gloss system
  • Gardco Sagmeter Medium Range


  • Dow DCU controller, Camile 2000
  • Dual Masterflex 7518-10 console drive pumps
  • Dual KD scientific RS 232, dual-syringe pumps
  • Fisher isotemp 730 immersion circulator
  • Mettler RC1e reaction calorimeter


  • Parker Print-surf model M590 measuring 0.6 to 14.0 microns with automatic statistical analysis, data printer, built in calibration routines, test and calibration set, porosity test head
  • TMI ink rub tester with three speed settings
  • TMI digital bench micrometer
  • TMI K303 Multicoater with gravure laminating head, engraved head, and flexo head
  • IGT AIC2-5 T2000 Paper Coating Testing unit
  • IGT High Speed inking unit
  • RK Flexiproof 100 Ink Proofing System
  • BYK Gardner 75 Degree Gloss Meter


  • Brice-Phoenix universal photometer
  • Brice-Phoenix differential refractometer
  • Chromatix KMX-6 low-angle laser photometer with autocorrelator interfaced to an HP-85 computer
  • Chromatix KMX-16 laser differential refractometer
  • Wyatt Dawn-Flow laser LSI in-line with SEC system
  • 2.0 mW solid-state transmission light scattering apparatus/camera


  • JEOL JEM-2100 Transmission Electron Microscope with Rigaku Ultima III X-ray detector
  • FEI Quanta 200 environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) with Thermo-NORAN System 7 light element EDX X-ray detector
  • Nanoscope® MultiMode™ scanning probe microscope (SPM) with multiple application modules
  • Dimension 3000 atomic force microscope (AFM) with NanoScope® IIIa controller from Veeco
  • Agilent 5500 atomic force microscope with top-down scanning and multipurpose closed-loop scanner from 90 um to 670 nm
  • Zeiss optical polarizing microscope
  • Zeiss LSM 710 confocal laser scanning microscope
  • Nikon optical polarizing microscopes with video and hot stage
  • Nikon compound and dissecting microscopes with video, 35mm, and digital imaging capability
  • Kodak DC290 digital microscopy system
  • Leitz optical polarizing microscope
  • Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome and Cryoultramicrotome FC6
  • Bromma LKB 7800 knife maker
  • Reichert-Jung FC-4E cryo-microtome
  • Keyence VHS 600 digital microscope with 3D imaging capability, automated Z-axis control, multi-angle observation base, cross-polarization capability and magnification range from 20-1000X.
  • Vision Research Phantom v5.1 color, high-speed camera and 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses


  • Reichert SR7000DC Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectrometer
  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM-D) E4 system (Q-sense)
  • Gaertner Scientific LSE-Stokes ellipsometer
  • Ramè-hart goniometer
  • Microphotonics Pin on Disc Tribometer


  • Knauer membrane osmometer
  • Knauer vapor phase osmometer


  • MATEC capillary hydrodynamic fractionation unit, (CHDF 2000 with       autosampler)
  • Microtrac UPA 250 Sub-micron analyzer
  • Microtrac (SRA) with powder and liquid capabilities
  • Coulter N4 sub-micron analyzer
  • Horiba laser scattering particle size analyzer
  • Microtrac S3500 Basic Dry Multi-Laser Particle Size Wet Analyzer - (Dry Range: 0.7 – 1000 microns)
  • Microtrac Zetatrac Ultra with Internal Probe (Range 0.0008 - 6.5 microns)


  • Coperion ZSK 30 reactive extruder
  • Cincinnati Milacron CAMAC VSx 85-ton injection molding machine
  • Battenfield Unilog 4000 17-ton injection molding machine
  • Prism TSE 16TC Bench top extruder
  • Boy 15S injection molding machine
  • Rotational molder
  • Compression molder
  • Pressure and vacuum forming equipment
  • Extrusion facilities
    • Wire coating, ribbon, blown film, annular, and Hann Slit dies
  • Haake Rheocord 90 twin-screw extruder
  • Cober model LBM 1.2A Microwave/Convection oven


  • MTS Insight 10 (2000 lbs-force capacity) universal test machine
  • MTS Landmark (110,000 lbs-force capacity) universal test machine 
  • MTS 810 (20,000 lbs-force capacity) universal test machine with variable temperature/atmosphere chamber (-200°C to 350°C)
  • MTS Alliance RT/10 with DX2000 extensiometer
  • Instron Dynatup 8250 Instrumented Impact Tester
  • Hysitron Triboindenter® nanomechanical testing system
  • Polyken Probe-Tack tester, testing machine, model 80-02
  • Custom Scientific Izod impact tester
  • Melt deflection testing equipment
  • Kruss tensiometer
  • First Ten Angstroms FTA200 goniometer
  • Tinius Olsen Izod impact tester
  • Proto-tech four-chamber fatigue cycling station
  • Bose Electroforce 3330 Test System


  • Cyclomix 5L premixer
  • Coperion ZSK-30 twin-screw extruder
  • Micron Powder System Bantam mill with cryogenic support for processing
  • Kemutec sieve (65-145 μm size)
  • Nordson spray booth with tribo-charging and corona-charging spray guns
  • Plastic Flame Systems powder pistol flame spray
  • Thermoelectric Company cure plate (gel time recorder)
  • Sames fluidized bed
  • IKA Works Inc. laboratory analytical mill
  • VWR Model 1685, horizontal air flow oven, 25 cu.ft. capacity, 40 to 260°C temperature range
  • Fostoria Industries experimental infrared curing oven, 3 zone 6 bank variable wavelength IR with conveyor
  • Nutro combination UV/IR curing oven
  • Tangent Systems, Inc. Tempest data logger. 500°F maximum service temperature


  • TA Instruments ARES LS2 rheometer with force convection oven, extensional viscosity fixture, UV curing option, and dielectric thermal analysis option.
  • Rheometric Scientific SR-5000 dynamic and steady state testing from -40°C to 250°C including Peltier, heated plates, and cup and bob stages
  • Brookfield DV-III Ultra programmable rheometer
  • Stormer viscometer
  • Seiko Instruments SDM 5600 dynamic mechanical spectrometer with DMS110 bending/shear and DMS210 tensile modules
  • Polymer Laboratories DMTA Mk III dynamic mechanical thermal analyzer
  • Haake TP-24 rheometer
  • Contraves low-shear 30 viscometers
  • Cannon-Ubbleholde and zero-shear viscometers
  • Instron Capillary Rheometer Model 3211
  • Tinius Olson Extrusion Plastometer (melt indexer)
  • Custom Scientific Extrusion Plastometer (melt indexer)
  • Brabender Plasticorder
  • ICI cone and plate viscometer
  • Bohlin RH7 Flowmaster advance capillary rheometer


  • Bruker AVANCE III 600 MHz high performance digital NMR spectrometer with autosampler
  • Varian UNITY-INOVA 500 MHz spectrometer
  • Varian UNITY-INOVA 400 MHz solids spectrometer
  • Varian MERCURY 300 spectrometer
  • Varian MERCURY 200 spectrometer
  • Bruker MSL-200 solids spectrometer


  • Bio-Rad FTS 6000 Step-Scan spectrometer with Stingray IR imaging software and photoacoustic and ATR attachments with UMS 500 microspectroscope
  • Perkin-Elmer 1600 Series FTIR
  • Nicolet IR/42 FTIR
  • Nicolet 6700 FTIR with Smart Orbit diamond ATR accessory
  • Nicolet 6700 FTIR
    • GATR sampling accessory kit
    • Smart iTR ATR accessory
    • VeeMax variable angle specular reflectance accessory
    • In-sample compartment for TGA/IR analysis
    • Heated contact ATR accessory
    • Pressure cell accessory
    • Nicolet Antaris II near-IR
  • Digilab Scimitar FTS-2000/UMA 400 IR Microscope with pyrolysis, variable ATR, slide-on micro ATR analyzer, diffuse reflectance, and specular reflectance sampling capability and 225,000 spectra searchable database
  • Mettler Toledo ReactIR 1000 with variable optics module for remote sensing with diamond and silicon probes
  • Mettler Toledo ReactIR iC10 with diamond probe and controlled heating platen
  • Mattson Galaxy series FTIR with TGA interface


  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 6 UV/Vis spectrophotometer interfaced to an Epson PC
  • TECAN M1000 Infinite plate reader
  • Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC photometer
  • Science Tech SS150W solar simulator


  • PerSeptive Biosystems MALDI mass spectrometer with Voyager RP Biospectrometry workstation, molecular weight in the millions, end group analysis below 25,000


  • Thermo DXR Raman spectroscopy system


  • Govmark CC-1 cone calorimeter
  • TA Instruments DSC2000 with auto-sampler
  • TA Instruments TGA500 with auto-sampler
  • TA Instruments Q400 TMA
  • TA Instruments Q800 DMA with RH control option
  • TA Instruments Q5000 IR with ThermoStar gas analysis/mass spectrometer (November, 2010 install)
  • Perkin Elmer DSC 7 photo-DSC with 450 watt low-pressure mercury lamp
  • DuPont 910 DSC
  • DuPont 951 thermogravimetric analyzer
  • DuPont 982 DMA dynamic mechanical analyzer with 9900 data station system
  • Mettler FP 80 microscope
    • Programmable hot stage
    • High-speed camera
    • Bascom-Turner 4120 electronic recorder
    • Mettler Graphware 7.2 software
  • MLS PYRO XL Rapid Microwave Ashing system
  • TA Instruments 930 differential photocalorimeter
  • TA Instruments 2920 differential scanning calorimeter
  • TA Instruments SDT 2960 simultaneous DTA-TGA
  • Mettler TGA 850 thermogravimetric analyzer
  • Mettler DSC 30 differential scanning calorimeter
  • Perkin-Elmer DSC-7 differential scanning calorimeter with TAC 7/DX thermal analyzer controller


  • 24 quad-core molecular modeling cluster
  • Solidworks
  • Cosmosworks
  • Cosmosfloworks
  • Pro-E
  • Minitab
  • DOE Pro
  • QI Macros
  • Mathcad

Virtual Reality

  • SGI Onyx 3400 Advanced Visualization system

Wood Composites

  • Watlow/SRT 180 Ton Hydraulic Press w/26” x 26” heated plattens
  • Henschel FM L 40 mixer


  • Siemens XPD-700 area detector system with GADDS PC-based data acquisition and manipulation package with 3-axis camera and variable temperature device (1200°C max)
  • Phillips PW-1720 powder and fiber WAXD with darkroom


  • Rigaku AFC6S automated diffractometer with TEXSAN™ structure solution package


  • Siemens 18 kW rotating anode source, super model 7616 double mirror focusing system, 3 meter camera rail, Siemens HiStar area detector system


  • MicroFab Jetlab 4 micro printing system
  • Advanced Measurement Technologies VERSASTAT4-400 DC voltammetry and corrosion system
  • MBraun Labmaster (1800/1000), with single filter column gas purification system and antechamber
  • Chem Glass 30 L reactor
  • Edwards short path distillation system/wiped film evaporator
  • Mettler Toledo Density XS system
  • Orion AF8 Volumetric Karl-Fischer water analysis unit
  • Varian 109Q ESR
  • Hewlett-Packard 4192A impedance analyzer with HP-85 data station
  • Time resolved, single –photon counting fluorescence spectrometer
  • Nanosecond laser flash photolysis system
  • Solartron 1255 HF frequency response analyzer with 1286 electrochemical interface
  • Parr reactors with 300 mL and 600 mL capacity
  • Spontaneous combustion apparatus - ASTM E771
  • Dry ice pelletizer
  • Cyclone DNA synthesizer
  • Fabrication shop
    • Machining
    • Computer aided manufacturing
    • Welding
    • Sheet metal
    • Glass shop
    • Electronics shop
    • Computer aided design
    • Automated test equipment
    • Prototyping equipment
  • Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI)
    • Connex 350 multi-material 3-dimensional printing system
    • SLS Sinterstation 2500 plus rapid prototyping machine
    • Laserform oven
    • Computrac Max 2000 moisture analyzer
    • Atlas HDV2 DTUL/VICAT 300°C heat distortion unit
    • Arizona Instruments MAX 2000 moisture analyzer
    • Tensilkut sample preparation unit
    • Constant temperature and humidity hot room with data logger
    • Constant temperature and humidity cold room with data logger

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